Quick and Easy Ways to Find Phone Number Owner

Quick and Easy Ways to Find Phone Number Owner

Sometimes during the day, you may receive annoying calls from pranksters, you may pick up the phone with no one answering on the other line or you may get an unknown number on your caller ID. If someone calls you on the phone, but you don't know who the caller is, you may want to identify the owner.

In a time when many people choose to keep their contact details private, searching for personal information can seem like a full-blown investigation. But if you're looking to find a home telephone number for someone you know, it's quite doable. With a few clues, such as the person's first and last names, you can successfully perform a phone number search.

However, there can be many reasons that might make you want to identify phone number from which you received a missed call:

• The number looks familiar but you are unable to recall – maybe it’s an old friend who wants to meet up or maybe patch up with you.

• The call came on your partner’s phone and you are curious to find out who could be giving him or her missed calls.

• You are expecting an essential phone call and would like to know it this missed call is from them.

The first thing that you may do in your quest to identify the phone number is to check thick and heavy weight directory books or free online directories or “whitepages” for information related to the number. Now if you are trying to find out information on a free online directory the chances of landing on the right information are usually quite less. The reason being, that these websites usually have only that information which is available for free.

If you want to find information on cell phone or unlisted numbers, your searches might yield no results. Information for such numbers is secure and is shared with online directories only if they pay for the database.

This is why when you want to identify the phone number which is either unlisted or from a cell phone, you might have to seek help of a paid online reverse phone lookup directory. In this case, it is best to opt for the reverse phone lookup directory service. A reverse phone lookup service can help you in many ways.

Call the phone number back and ask the person who the owner is. If an unknown phone number shows on your caller ID, calling back is often the fastest and easiest way to identify the owner of a number. Oftentimes, when this scenario happens, it's someone who called the wrong number. If it's not a random person, it may be a business or a company, in which a person on the other end will answer the call back with a business name. At this point, you can ask who the owner of the business is and decide if you want to continue talking or hang up.

Items you will need

  • Phone
  • Phone number
  • Reverse phone number look-up website
  • Search engine

Gather any remaining details about the person and use this to your advantage if you have trouble finding his home phone number. For example, you could search the website of a company or organization with which the person is affiliated; his personal contact information might be listed there.

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Recent Phone Number Comments

  • 435-881-5733
    I got an email querying if my motorhome was for sale, they left this phone number and an email address that didn't work
  • 865-789-6529
    I recieved a call from this number and answered thinking it was a family member that lives in another area...upon answering the recording starts and continues to repeat over and over until you disconnect. I have blocked this and similiar numbers numerous times and they continue to call using a block of numbers. I am on the DO NOT CALL list and it doesnt help...enough already
  • 919-417-6484
    Please discontinue this account. I have the telephone number and you could not give me any information.
  • 561-692-4968
    Guy calls me thinking I'm another company for starters I told him he needed to do his homework better before calling Initially I was reluctant to answer the call as the exchange was Belle Glade FL a very economically distressed area that I want nothing to do with so thats a mistake on these scammers behalf but anyways I figured I would have fun with him and waste his time as he's talking to me about reviews for my business , how to get more etc As usual I know more about the subject than he does and was able articulate what his pitch should have been More BS from an industry that is leading the way with robo and scam calls Thinking the number was hijacked as well Have followed up on a few of these and people have no clue
  • 910-257-6267
    Just a call....did not leave a message. Called at 9:05am. Because there was no message, I am assuming it is a bill collector for a credit card company:)
  • 708-269-3783
    I keep getting calls from this (708) 269 XXXX. It is a robocall talking about several different things. One is to lower your credit card rate. Another wants you to buy a new warranty for your car. The list goes on. It is spam.
  • 215-840-5381
    Called to check the services on my computer and said they would be sending me $200 due to ATT having a problem with their services.
  • 650-251-9520
    said they’re the state police. that i’m involved in a drug investigation. he knew my name and address but wants “more information” about me. i told him if he wants to continue to scam me come bring me in to the station and he just hung up. :)
  • 770-875-4433
  • 510-345-5925
    They are calling to get customer feedback from a carpet cleaning company I used in August. So basically, my was given to this company by the people I entrusted with my information. Not cool.
  • 408-859-5144
    I receive a phone call from this number and variations of it about five time a day at least five days a week. The area code and prefix I believe are intentional as they mirror many local cell lines that I am familiar with. If I answer it is either the recorded Chinese telemarketers or there is no one there and a series of hello's will only cause the line to finally be picked up by a telemarketer or it will simply disconnect. So ANNOYING!!!
  • 360-763-2413
    Pretty lame to claim you have a "report" on a phone number but not disclose that the name, address, and carrier are NOT ON FILE. So, the "report" is worthless, yet you charge a buck for it. I won't bite on that one again.
  • 702-241-5591
    Said, “Hello who is this and this is the...” next text, “The devil!” next text, “Oh no that was the devil but here are the angels. You are in serious danger”
  • 877-641-2127
    This is a spam call threatening legal action if you don't call the Social Security Administration.
  • 608-654-8588
    Health insurance provider competitor, will not stop soliciting even after request. Harrassing. Intimidating phone calls. Soliciting health insurance.
  • 800-901-0208
    Received call from this number today. Called back and the person who answered stated that they did not speak English.
  • 510-921-6638
    Text sent pretending to be an acquaintance from a different number. Had me meet up and when I got there it was a different person. Really suspicious and seemed the intent was to harm.
  • 480-233-1463
    I got a call from someone with this number but I didn't answer. Then whoever it was texted me and said "Who is this?" I just said "No one you know". I think this person may have tried calling me before and I asked him or her to stop. I will file a complaint against that person if he or she doesn't stop harassing me. I did block the number but I still might report it.
  • 360-474-4533
    This number is calling, saying they with the IRS and that they have my filling records and that notification expires in 24 hours, to avoid an arrest to contact them if not they wish good luck to me
  • 907-529-6529
    This number is used to try and trick people into disclosing their bank and credit card information. This is one of several numbers out of the Anchorage area they use to scam you.